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Karl Schauer (AT), Stephan Schwarz (AT)


Cyberarts 2011 - International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2011

Made in 2011, RabbitRun, a Flash-based game, belongs to the jump-and-run genre. We wanted to make a game in which you don’t get so engrossed or have to remember a complicated story. It was suppose to provide a bit of fun for in-between times. Like those games for iPod or iPhone.

It all began with a small idea at the beginning of 2011. At the time we knew nothing about Prix Ars Electronica and the “u19 - free style computing” category. To begin with, all we had was a rabbit’s head on a stick figure, running along a street. It was being pursued by Matt Groening’s Homer Simpson. This was pretty much all that happened in this early version. But then at some point we added moving stones to the game: as now it was possible to make the rabbit jump. But the game still made very little sense, because the rabbit could only be pushed off the edge, and just one or two stones flew by.

The physics engine for gravitation was not fully developed yet. It didn’t look like a jump. Rather it looked as if a magnet had suddenly been switched on at the top half of the screen; and then afterwards, one at the bottom half. So the rabbit, which in the meantime had a body, was just yanked about. And for a while, this was how things stayed. That is, until our programming teacher told us about the u19 category at the Prix. After that the game’s development really moved forward. We went through a few tutorials and finally the rabbit “jumped”. New animations were added, as well as start and lose screens (since you can’t win at this game). Bit by bit it became a real game...