Hybrid Art

May the Horse Live in me, 2011

Price: Goldene Nica - Golden Nica

Artist Groups:
Art Orienté Objet (FR): Marion Laval-Jeantet (FR), Benoît Mangin (FR)


Cyberarts 2011 - International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2011

The performance May the Horse Live in Me is an attempt at “bioart” and extreme body art in which the animal foreign body, here the horse, is hybridized with the human body by means of an injection of horse blood (plasma). But far from being a fatal intrusion, such as that of the mythological hero Midas, said to have committed suicide by drinking bull’s blood, the idea is to carry out genuine therapeutic research, with the horse blood being made compatible and having a protective effect. For this purpose, Marion Laval-Jeantet has tried out different horse tissue immunoglobulins. The horse immunoglobulins recognize the targeted tissues and induce a functional regulation of these tissues that is specific to them. This ceremony of blood-brotherhood raises a debate on barriers between species and the supposed priority of human over animal concerning the earth’s resources. Will the animal be the future of the human?

This performance in Ljubljana lasted for approximately one hour. It put together Marion, Benoit and the ethologist as well as the horse. It needed ten days’ preparation before the performance to accustom Marion to the horse. The performance constitutes a sort of apex in AOO’s work as it carries both an ethological and biological research and achievement.

A coproduction with Galerie Kapelica, Slovenia and Espace Rurart, France.