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Price: Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Artist Groups:
blablabLAB (ES): Moises Caminal (ES), Raul Nieves (ES), Gerard Rubio (ES), Triambak Saxena (ES)


Cyberarts 2011 - International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2011

Haberlandt is a vending machine for food crops, a bio-reactor for growing a superfood—Arthrospira platensis micro-algae—and an automated avant-cuisine machine. It is an array cyborg, a mechatronic ecosystem where life and technological systems coexist—a sustained but open system with inputs and outputs typical of an entity that depends on a chemical energy exchange. The machine produces algae as the ultimate goal, and it needs recharging with a minimum amount of nutrients, being able to reduce this cycle of exchange to algae for human consumption (output) and waste human urine (input). It is a super-reduction of traditional agricultural systems, synthesized and compacted to produce hyperlocally an engineered product designed to be inserted into today’s society. The dispenser a potential ecotone—a transitional area between two plant communities – for urban citizens committed to a sustainable production and consumption, something so lacking in a globalized and asymmetric world.