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Weltherberge Schulhaus

Price: Goldene Nica - Golden Nica

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School - Name der Institution
HBLA für Künstlerische Gestaltung Linz und HTBLA Leonding


Cyberarts 2011 - International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2011

The project World Hostel: Schoolhouse examines the basic imagery of the encounter with the Other or stranger. This encounter is exemplified in hospitality and accommodation, whose significant sites are the door, the table and the bed. These objects refer symbolically to the encounter, to allowing and admitting someone in, to cordial conversation at the table, in other words, to accommodating (unknown) guests who are to be offered a respite, intimacy, a peaceful night.

Students specializing in the following areas contributed to the concept: media rendering, image processing, graphics and painting, textile design, German language and literature, and microelectronics.

In the exhibition, the object that serves as a storage medium for memories is the bed. Dream sequences are recorded as spoken texts and silhouettes of bodies, and then superimposed on one another - transforming, as if it were, what is intimate into a public place where roughly sketched memories accumulate.

Illustrated room dividers and roll-up banners are transformed into projection surfaces where fleeting and not-so-fleeting traces of all sorts of memories and associations converge. At the same time, installation visitors may use the recording function to interactively supplement the media data - which is controlled by motion detectors - with contributions of their own.

Also equipped with and controlled by sensor technology, a table brings traces of everyday life, as well as sounds and stories, into play. The array of media-specific narrations - in dialect authentic to experience or a fairytale style, as call or commentary, image or (veiled) object - interweave through cloth covers with the interactive behavior of the visitors.

In a project group that was made up of more than 80 students with many qualities typical for their age and a diversity that would be hard to beat, inventions and concepts, the fantastic and the tangible, metaphor and reality joined forces. What’s more, to live up to both the technical and design expectations, boundaries had to be crossed. And due to the group’s curiosity, innovative spirit and fondness for letting their fantasies roam, the project worked. Coming from two very different kinds of schools, the participants succeeded in complementing each other perfectly.