Interactive Art

Redes Vestíveis / Wearable Nets

Price: Anerkennung - Honorary Mentions

Claudio Bueno (BR)


Cyberarts 2011 - International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2011

Imagine the web of an elastic network ... Now put yourself under it with at least one friend (either in Linz, Sao Paulo, Moscow etc.). Each friend will occupy a hole in the net. Now move, and don’t let your node break!

Wearable Nets (Redes Vestíveis) is a collective performance based on a virtual elastic net. Through an online and geo-localized application installed on mobile phones, two or more people are connected to a virtual network graphically represented on the phone screen by an elastic net. With each new participant, a new node is added to the weft, tensioned by movements and physical displacements in nearby and distant places. The body that moves inside the virtual net stimulates the others to move too; if they don’t, the nodes in the network are shredded and break, disconnecting the participant from the work. The information takes over the body, moving it in a relational mode.

It is intended to suggest new experiences for this spatially located body, which performs against what it doesn’t see, but is nevertheless able to feel, somewhere between corporeal and incorporeal.

Finally, perhaps the work points to the resistance and the fragility of human and mediated networks.

The application is available for download at Apple Store (for iPhones) and Market (for Android phones) to be played in groups of up to ten people. Whenever a group is full, a new one will be created automatically.

Programmer: Roger Sodré. Commissioned by Vivo Arte.Mov Festival 2010